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Metastases go with the flow
Science, Nov 2018
Tumor Biomechanics
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Metastases go with the flow
Science, Nov 2018
The Goetz Lab - September 2017
Seeing is believing: multi-scale spatio-temporal imaging towards in vivo cell biology
Published in JCS in January 2017
Intravital Correlative Microscopy: Imaging Life at the Nanoscale
Published in Trends in Cell Biology in November 2016
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Follain et al. ; Harlepp et al. ; Osmani et al. ; Lefebvre et al.
Intravital CLEM tailored for metastasis
Published online in Journal of Cell Science, in December 2015
Our latest development in intravital correlative imaging
Published in Plos One, December 2014
The Goetz Team...au complet
March 2016
Near-infrared branding of a subcutaneous xenograft for intravital correlative imaging
Published in Plos One, in december 2014

Our Research

The goal of our work is to dissect the biomechanical events underlying tumor invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis.
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 Recent publications

Goetz JG. Exploiting Anatomical Landmarks for Efficient In Vivo CLEM Trends in Biochemical Sciences • August 17, 2018

Mammadova-Bach E et al. Laminin α1 orchestrates VEGFA functions in the ecosystem of colorectal carcinoma. Biology of the Cell • June 15, 2018

Ezzoukhry Z et al. Combining laser capture microdissection and proteomics reveals an active translation machinery controlling invadosome formation Nature Communication • June 15, 2018

Follain G and Goetz JG. Synergistic Mechano-Chemical Sensing by Vascular Cilia Trends in Cell Biology • May 2, 2018

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October, 2016 : Open position: Technician/Engineer Ultramicrotomy-TEM/SEM/FIB-SEM – Description 
May, 2016 : Vincent HYENNE, is recruited at CNRS as CR1.

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