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Fluid Mechanics in Metastasis
Follain et al. NRC 2020
Multimodal Imaging of Metastasis using Zebrafish
Osmani et al. Trends in Cancer 2019
Metastasis : shear forces against cell adhesion
Osmani et al. Cell Reports, 2019
Imaging EVs with Zebrafish
Verweij, Hyenne et al. Trends in Cell Biology 2019
In vivo tracking of EVs
Hyenne et al. Dev Cell 2019
Metastases go with the flow
Science, Nov 2018
Tumor Biomechanics
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The Goetz Lab - September 2017

Our new address!
CRBS – Centre de Recherche en Biomédecine de Strasbourg
1 Rue Eugène Boeckel, 67000 Strasbourg
Our Research

The goal of our work is to dissect the biomechanical events underlying tumor invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis.
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 Recent publications

Follain et al. Impairing flow-mediated endothelial remodeling reduces extravasation of tumor cells. BioRxiv, 2021

Colin et al. The NANOTUMOR consortium – Towards the Tumor Cell Atlas. Biology of the Cell, 2021

Ghoroghi et al.  Ral GTPases promote metastasis by controlling biogenesis and organotropism of exosomes. eLife, 2021

Gensbittel et al. Mechanical Adaptability of Tumor Cells in Metastasis. Developmental Cell 2020

Follain et al. Fluids and their mechanics in tumour transit: shaping metastasis. Nat Rev Cancer. 2020

Osmani et alMultiscale Imaging of Metastasis in ZebrafishTrends in Cancer, 2019

Osmani et alMetastatic tumor cells exploit their adhesion repertoire to counteract shear forces during intravascular arrest. Cell Reports, 2019

Hyenne V, et alStudying the Fate of Tumor Extracellular Vesicles at High Spatiotemporal Resolution Using the Zebrafish Embryo. Developmental Cell. 2019

Latest news 

November, 2020 : Shima speaking at ISEV 2020 as featured abstract (!) and winner of the prize for « ISEV 2020′s Outstanding Contributions to the Advance of Basic Science (http://www.bioquicknews.com/node/5581)
March, 2020 : Vincent receives the Bronze Medal from CNRS 
December, 2019 : Gautier receives the thesis prize from SBCF and SBS 
November, 2019 : Shima (Ph.D student) speaking at Journée Jeunes chercheurs ARC (Paris, France)
November, 2019 : Vincent (M2) & Ben (Ph.D. student) winning a poster prize at « Ligue contre le Cancer » and FSEV days
September, 2019 : Our story on Zika virus dissemination with R.Gaudin (IRIM, Montpellier) highlighted in Le Monde (https://www.lemonde.fr/sciences/article/2019/10/14/pour-infecter-le-cerveau-zika-utilise-un-cheval-de-troie_6015439_1650684.html

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