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Metastasis : shear forces against cell adhesion
Osmani et al. Cell Reports, 2019
Imaging EVs with Zebrafish
Verweij, Hyenne et al. Trends in Cell Biology 2019
In vivo tracking of EVs
Hyenne et al. Dev Cell 2019
Metastases go with the flow
Science, Nov 2018
Tumor Biomechanics
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The Goetz Lab - September 2017
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Follain et al. ; Harlepp et al. ; Osmani et al. ; Lefebvre et al.

Our Research

The goal of our work is to dissect the biomechanical events underlying tumor invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis.
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 Recent publications

Osmani et alMetastatic tumor cells exploit their adhesion repertoire to counteract shear forces during intravascular arrest. Cell Reports, 2019, Sep 3;28(10):2491-2500

Verweij FJ, Hyenne V, et alExtracellular Vesicles: Catching the Light in ZebrafishTrends in Cell Biology Aug 7. pii: S0962-8924(19)30123-0

Hyenne V, et alStudying the Fate of Tumor Extracellular Vesicles at High Spatiotemporal Resolution Using the Zebrafish Embryo. Developmental Cell. 2019, Feb 5

Verweij FJ et al. Live Tracking of Inter-organ Communication by Endogenous Exosomes In Vivo. Developmental Cell. 2019, Feb 5.

Goetz JG. Metastases go with the flow. Science • November 30, 2018

Latest news

March, 2019: Jacky giving talks at Light Microscopy meeting (Brisbane), IMB (Brisbane) and Hunter Meeting (Hunter Valley, Australia)
February, 2019:  Vincent giving a talk at Institut Curie (Feb, 26th)
February, 2019:  Vincent’s story out in Developmental Cell, back-to-back with Verweij et al. (see publications)
January, 2019: Jacky giving talks at ARMI and LIMS, Melbourne
January, 2019: Collaborative work with Damien Mertz out in JCIS (see publications)
January, 2019: Vincent giving a talk at the « réseau régionale du Grand-Ouest des Vésicules Extracellulaires (GO-EV) »
December, 2018 : Invited review article in Science on blood flow and metastasis (see publications)
October, 2018 : Jacky promoted as DR2 at INSERM.




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