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CR1 INSERM, Leader


Jacky graduated in Pharmacology and Cell Biology from University of Strasbourg (France) where he studied astrocytoma cell migration in the laboratory of Ken TAKEDA. He then moved to the laboratory of Ivan Robert NABI in Montreal (University of Montreal, Canada), and later in Vancouver (University of British Columbia, Canada), where he first studied the interaction between the endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria. He was in parallel interested in glycosylation of membrane proteins, in particular integrins, and described its importance, in concert with Caveolin-1 (Cav1), in fibronectin fibrillogenesis, focal adhesion dynamics and tumor cell migration. He received his Ph.D. degree in 2007 from both University of Montreal and University of Strasbourg. He then moved to the CNIC in Madrid (Spain) in the laboratory of Miguel Angel del Pozo where he led a study on the implication of Cav1 in biomechanical remodeling of the microenvironment and showed its importance in normal tissue architecture but especially during tumor progression. He then joined the team of Julien VERMOT at the IGBMC in Strasbourg (France) to pursue his interests in mechanotransduction phenomenons using zebrafish as a model. He recently won the « SBCF young scientist » prize for his contribution to Cell Biology  and started his team « Tumor Biomechanics » in 2013 where he develops his growing interest for the role played by biomechanical forces during tumor progression. He could « kill » for sushi and loves the alsatian architecture.        


Olivier Lefebvre



CR1 INSERM olivier.lefebvre@unistra.fr After getting successfully his DEA in 1990, Olivier started his PhD in Paul Basset and Marie-Chiristine Rio team at IGBMC, establishing animal models in order to understand the function of two genes, the stromelysin-3 (MMP-11) and TFF1 (pS2), implicated in breast cancer. In 1995 he started a post-doctoral fellow at Inserm U381 in Patricia-Simon Assmann team, on the role of basement membrane molecule, especially Laminins, in normal and pathological intestine. Two years after, he was recruited as Inserm scientist focusing his research on Laminin 111 isoform in organ development and tumorigenesis. In 2003 he joined the Inserm-MN3t team, directed by Gertraud Orend, working on the role of extracellular matrix, mainly Laminin 111 and Tenascin-C, on angiogenesis during cancer progression.




unnamedVincent HYENNE

CR1 CNRS hyenne@unistra.fr

Vincent Hyenne did his PhD in Jussieu, Paris on epithelial polarity in mouse early embryonic development. He then moved to IRIC (Montreal, Québec) where he studied the establishment of cell polarity, and its link with vesicular trafficking, using C. elegans embryo as a model system. Back in France at the IGBMC (Illkirch), he got fascinated by exosomes and extracellular vesicles (EVs) and identified new genes required for their secretion in C. elegans. He joined Jacky’s team to study EVs in the context of tumor progression, using intravital imaging correlated to electron microscopy. Vincent loves to play (watch) basketball while reading a good book and drinking a good wine.






unnamedSebastien Harlepp



Sebastien Harlepp was sweating during his PhD in Strasbourg studying RNA folding at the single molecule level. He then moved to U of Chicago where he studied the RNA expression at the single cell level using fluorescent correlation spectroscopy. Back in France at IPCMS (Strasbourg) as an associate professor, he developed physical tools to study molecular interaction at the single molecule and single cell level. In the meantime, he started studying blood flow in zebrafish embryos. He joined Jacky’s team to study the impact of blood flow and mechanical stress on extravasation and metastatic formation.

It’s not because I’m wandering that I’m lost…





NO photoNaël OSMANI

Post-doctoral fellow


Naël did his PhD in the lab of Sandrine Etienne-Manneville at Curie and then Pasteur institutes in Paris, working on the Cdc42-dependent regulation of polarity during cell migration. He then moved to Strasbourg and joined the lab of Michel Labouesse at IGBMC where he studied the role of Arf6-dependent traffic and caveolin 1 in the regulation of epithelial integrin adhesions and their mechanoresponse. In Jacky’s lab, he is interested in the role of cell adhesions during tumor cell extravasation. Outside of the lab, he is a big fan of martial arts and has been practicing kung-fu for 15 years. He also loves killing some time watching movies or reading.





Post-doctoral fellow m.garcia@inserm.fr María, originally from Spain, did her PhD in the lab of María L. Toribio at the Molecular Biology Center Severo Ochoa (CMB) and graduated with honors in Immunology and Molecular Biology by the Autónoma University of Madrid. She studied the Notch signalling crosstalk within the human thymic niche and its contribution to normal lymphocyte development and leukemia pathogenesis. At Jacky’s lab she is interested in depicting the role of biomechanical forces and blood cells (such as platelets) in acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) cell infiltration. Her commitment with Science goes out of the lab as she loves teaching Biology to kids and students, and it is often involved in science public engagement events. She also loves practicing and watching boxing and likes to follow the American UFC ligue of mixed martial arts.





Luc MercierLuc MERCIER

Post-doctoral fellow luc.mercier@inserm.fr  

Luc began his University training at the Montpellier university of Science were he did a Baschelor degree of Biophysics. Interested in microscopy he went to the Rouen University to complete a Master degree of Bioimaging. At the end of 6 month internship on Intravital correlative light and electron microscopy at the IGBMC he joined Jacky’s team in the MN3T lab to work on Stro-ma-trix biomechanics and neoplastic cell behavior and to further develop the intravital correlative imaging. He loves Do It Yourself (DIY).






Gautier FollainGautier FOLLAIN

Ph.D. student



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Gautier did a Bachelor’s degree in cellular biology at Strasbourg University. Interested in developmental biology and regeneration process, he chose to make a « Stem Cell and Developmental Biology » Master’s degree in Strasbourg. He discovered the importance of physics in biology during his first year and decided to join Jacky’s team for his Master internship.He works on the adhesion forces between circulating tumor cells and the endothelium during the extravasation process preceding the formation of metastasis. A good day for Gautier starts by listening good old rock sounds in his car (particularly « Driver Seat »).



Shima Ghoroghi


Ph.D. student


Shima graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in biology from the State University of New York at Purchase. As a graduate student at the City University of New York at Lehman, her research focus was to define signaling between neural stem cells. She designed methods to identify and quantify cell state and the release of exosomes. To continue her research in exosomes, she decided to join Jacky’s team for her PhD. Besides research in science, shima is also interested in Persian miniature painting. She believes science is an art.




Ignacio Busnelli

Ignacio Busnelli

Electron microscopy Engineer


Ignacio Busnelli from Argentina, gets a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from the National University of Tucuman. He started with the Transmision electron microscopy few years ago at Integral Center for Electron Microscopy (CIME) in Tucuman. First it was out of curiosity and after a while he realized how exciting was this profession. He took the EMBO course in 2016 in Czech Republic where he learned how many things could be done in this amazing field and how great it would be to be able to do it by hisself. He joined recently Jacky’s team to collaborate whith his knowledge in ultramicrotomy and MET and to keep learning.

He is from the motto « let’s do it ».

He is a hobbyist photographer, he loves traveling and knowing places and nice people.




Benjamin MARY (Master 2)





Sofia AZEVEDO (Post-doctoral fellow)

Guillaume ALLIO (Engineer)

Nina FEKONJA (Engineer)

Cédric FUCHS 2017 (Master 2)

Jack BAUER 2016 (Master 2)

Yohann GERBER 2015 (Master 1)

Ambre MOREAU 2017 (BTS 2)

Oumaima BOUAROUROU 2016/2017 (BTS 1&2)

Onaïs LUCCIN 2015/2016 (BTS 1&2)

Baptiste HOLWEG 2016 (BTS 1)

Pauline HANNS 2014 (Licence 1)